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Jonas Peterson

I’ve used the same template for my website since I started, I’ve kept it simple and it has served me extremely well. But for a while now I’ve wanted something new, something that looks great on all devices and works no matter what, because my previous site really…didn’t.

After a lot of research, I chose to go with Flothemes, their templates do everything I need out of the box and it’s easy to install and customize Ross and his team have been so helpful and I can’t say enough good things about them and their customer service. I’m very pleased about how it looks and I can’t wait to use every aspect of it to show off my work and communicate with people.

Jonas Peterson

Katch Silva

It’s clear that the Flothemes sites are beautiful, that is something we can all see for ourselves. But the biggest thing that stuck out to me was that positive experience while working with the Flothemes people. The customer service was insanely good, Mark and the other guys responded quickly and were very helpful with the many questions I had. No question was too small or too large to address. I’m so glad I decided to finally take the plunge into Flothemes!
Katch Silva

Fer Juaristi

Flothemes makes my brand look kickass without spending $$$! Clean, direct and super customizable portfolios that feel Global, warm & professional.
There’s no more excuses for having a shitty website anymore. Crazy fast loading times, editorial feel & look, as well as the crazy good customer support, breaks the deal for me.
Been with the Flo since 2008, and been more than happy with them.

Fer Juaristi

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