There is more!

With the portfolio pages, or the “Latest posts type” page template. You can use all the same views that can be seen under the blog section on the site. Just check out the views under the blog section to get a feel for all the possible views!

For your reference, there are 8 possible view types:


  1. Classic list view (there is an option for excerpt and to show the full post open)
  2. Just Text
  3. Masonry Grid, text below (with 2,3 or 4 columns)
  4. Simple Slider
  5. Simple text with small image on hover
  6. List view alternating images and text
  7. List view text right, image left
  8. Patterns (Mosaic Style)

Again just check out the blog views in the blog drop down menu in the menu and you’ll see all these views!

You’ll also see that we have 4 single gallery options in the dropdown, these are the 4 possible options for a single gallery, check em out!